Our Premises

Welcome to our company

Based in the industrial City of Dongguan, in Guangdong Province, China, our premises are 8000m2 and have the capacity to store / produce 2000 tons?of steel at any one time.

Our main office is in central Dongguan?and you will be very warmly welcomed here should you ever want to visit and inspect us for yourself.

Convenient Location

Our company is located in the heart of downtown Dongguan, which itself is located in China’s biggest and most developed industrial and economic zone.

Dongguan is a short drive away from Shenzhen and Guangzhou, two very large, modern cities each packed with manufacturers, traders and entrepreneurs. We are are also perfectly located just a stone’s throw away from Hong Kong, a destination many frequent travellers will be familiar with.

Powerful Modern Machinery

During our 16 years of supplying high quality steel, our steady but rapid expansion has afforded us the luxury of investing in many modern, high performance machines.

Our factory now boasts lathes, grinding equipment, horizontal saws, vertical sewing machines, CNC flame cutting machines, surface, face, plane and end milling machines, plasma cutting machines, and more.

Well-Protected Steel

Our steel is kept under the best conditions to ensure the quality of the steel is kept throughout storage. Our warehouses are well-covered and the steel is properly coated and maintained, ensuring our customers receive the goods in peak condition.

To display our confidence in our products, we offer a free sample and a simple returns policy for any unsatisfactory goods.

Large, Organized Storage Space

Storing, organizing and supplying such a wide range of steel is no easy task, but we rise to the challenge, educated by many years of efficient service experience.

Our warehouses are tidy and well-organized, meaning our stock is well kept and easy to find, and that the Otai Special Steel warehouse is a safe place to work for all of our staff.

Huge Production Capacity

Our huge production capacity is powered by two main factors.

Firstly we have our own high production machinery, large warehouse space and dedicated team who are able to produce with precision at a high rate.

Secondly, we take advantage of our wide network of steel mills across China, meaning whatever our customers need, in whatever amount, we are able to produce for them without problem.

Strict Policy Adherance

At Otai Special Steel we take policy and guidelines very seriously, and aim to deliver all work with precision and accuracy. We have strict regulations in place to make sure all work carried out by our staff meets the required standards.

We take every measure to ensure that all standards are met, and that customer orders are delivered exactly on specification and without error.

Safe, Regulated Work Space

Staff safety is a primary concern for the Otai management team and our warehouses and work stations are kept tidy and safe to make sure no unnecessary accidents occur.

Our family run business prides itself?on its safety record and happiness of its staff.

Precise and well-tested

Our steel products all check?chemical composition by Spectrum analyzer and check steel?internal structure by supersonic reflectoscope?ensure all products meet the requirements of customers.