?40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738 Cold Work Alloy Tool Steel China suppliers, wholesale,?distributors and stockholder. Otai Special Steel is?manufacturers and Have large quantity Stock in warehouse.??We supply in Round bar,?gauge plate steel,?pipe / Tube,rod,?square,?hexagonal,?blanks, plate,?sheet, precision ground flat bar, precision ground bar stock?and hollow bar. provide black surface and black surface alloy steel material.
40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738 is a German Cold work tool alloy steel material grade.it is?shock resisting steel. it belong to DIN 17350 standard.?Digital Grade material number 1.2738. Metal Steel Grade?W-Nr 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4. ?It?is a?die steel, use in?extrusion moulds, Hot Cast moulds. like?aluminium production, Aluminium cutting mold. Our Tool Steel material?100 % ultrasonic tested with good price. Small size steel products make by?hot rolled, large size steel products make by forging. 1.2738 with 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 is equivalent Belong to W-Nr and DIN.

2738 flat bar 240CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738 Steel?material properties datenblatt as below:

Chemical composition data of Metal 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738 Cold work tool steel-DIN 17350-1980 (EN4957-2001)
C Si Mn P S W Cr V
0.350.45 0.200.40 1.301.60 0.035 max 0.035 max 1.802.10 1.802.10 ~

Material equivalent of DIN 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738 steel
USA Germany China Japan France England Italy Poland Czechia Austria Sweden Spain
40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738

Physical properties of 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738 Tool Steel
  • Density: 7.85kg/m3
  • Thermal conductivity:
  • Forging ratio: 5:1 Minimum
  • Microstructure:
  • Magnetic:

Mechanical properties of Alloy Steel 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738

Hardness: Annealing ?235 HB max, Q+T: 51~46 HRc, different hardness according different Tempering temperature.

  • Yield strength:

Heat treatment of 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738 Cold work tool steel

  • Annealing:?Annealing temperature/℃: 710~740;?After the annealing, degree of hardness ≤HBS: 235
  • Quenching:?Hardening temperature/℃: 840~870, Quenching in oil
  • Tempering:?Commonly used drawing temperature/℃: 180~220;? After tempering hardness HRC | 100 ℃ : 51; After tempering hardness HRC | 200 ℃ : 50; After tempering hardness HRC | 300 ℃ : 48 ; After tempering hardness HRC | 400 ℃ : 46
  • Normalizing:at Normalizing temperature, then cool in furnace


Forged steel properties of Cold work tool 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738 tool steel

For forging ?40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738 steel, Slowly Pre-heat, at? temperature/℃: 1050~850 Forged

Processing of Steel Material 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738

Otai Special provide the Grinding,?milling ,?polishing,?turning,?drilling and others?machining?service as?your required tolerances and size.

Packing of 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | 1.2738 steel

By steel Wire?Bundling then put in container, or as customer require?packing.

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