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D2 Cold Work Tool Steel in the Otai Warehouse
D2 Cold Work Tool Steel in the Dongguan Otai Warehouse
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D2 tool steel China Supplier and?stockholders, Otai Special steel is Supplier ?of D2 steel in round bar, ?flat, plate, block and sheet.

?AISI?D2 is a high carbon-high chromium alloy tool steel that offers great wear and abrasion resistance, due to the large volumes of carbides in its microstructure. It?is widely used in long production cold work applications requiring very high wear resistance and high compression strength. D2 tool steel?is machinable in its annealed condition, and like other air hardening tool steels, shows minimal distortion when treated with heat. D2 Tool Steel is available in rounds, flats, and squares, as well as ground flat stock and drill rod.

D2 steel Related Specifications In American steel standard A681-1999?

D2 Tool steel Chemical composition

C(%) 1.40~1.60 Si(%) 0.10~0.60 Mn(%) 0.20~0.60
P(%) ≤0.030 S(%) ≤0.030 Cr(%) 11.0~13.0
Mo(%) 0.70~1.20 V(%) 0.50~1.10

AISI D2 ?Form of Supply

D2?tool steel, we can supply the?round bar, flat bar, plate and square block. Diameters can be sawn to your required lengths as one offs or multiple cut pieces. Rectangular pieces can be sawn from flat bar or plate to your specific sizes. Ground tool steel bar can be supplied, providing a quality precision finished bar to tight tolerances.

D2 cold work Tool steel?Applications

D2 tool steels used for cutting, shaping and pruning is dead, gauge, longitudinal cutting knife, wearing parts, the texture is dead, thread rolling, drawing die, the rotary die cutter, knurling, bending modulus, gauge, the shear blade, polishing tools, volume, machine parts and control parts, injection screw and prompt components, sewing, extrusion die, tire shredder, etc.

D2 cold work?steel?Forged

Slowly heat the D2 tool steel to?700°C (1292°F)?uniformly. Then heat to? 900-1040°C (1652-1904°F)?more rapidly.?After forging slowly cool down in furnace.


D2 Tool steel?Annealing

Cold work D2 steel delivery condition is?annealed and machineable. For annealing, First?slowly?and uniformly heat D2 component?to 900°C(1652°F). ?and?Soak for 3?to 4?hours. then?cool in?the heat treatment furnace to room temperature.


D2 Tool steel Stress Relieving

When D2 steel material?is?heavily machined, ground machined or otherwise subjected to cold work,?Internal pressure relief Suggestions before hardening to reduce the possibility of distortion. the stress relieving is must. ?For?stress relieve,?heat the D2 steel component to 600-650°C(1112-1202°F). Confirm soak?uniformly, then?cool it in the heat treatment furnace or Cool in air.


Tempering of?Tool steel D2

Double tempering is recommended for Cold work D2 tool steel. It will get better?Mechanical properties. ?Tempering of the D2 ?preferably is after Hardening , when?the steel tools are still hand warm(about 40°C).?Choose?a suitable tempering temperature, ?Slowly and uniformly Heat the D2 tool steel Component, Until the D2 component has reached the desired temperature, soak 1 hours at least.?For make the second tempering, ?It should be a repetition of the first.

Temperature [°C] 150 200 250 300 350 400
Hardness [HRc] 62-61 61-60 60-59 57-56 56-55 56-55


D2 Tool steel Quenching

Quenching, 820 + 15 ℃ preheat, 820 + 6 ℃ (salt bath) or 1010 + 6 ℃ furnace atmosphere heating, heat preservation 10 ~ 20 min, air cooling,

steel Stock in warehouse

Cold work steel D2 material Regular size and Tolerance

1) Hot Rolled round bar
Diameter Tolerance
Diameter Tolerance
6.4~15.8 -0.038 ~0.038 181~<206.2 0~1.6
15.8~<77.6 0~0.10 206.2~<257 0~2.4
77.6~<103 0~0.15 257~<307.7 0~3.2
103~<181 0~0.78 ≥307.7 0~4.7
2) Hot Rolled steel plate
Thickness Tolerance
Thickness Tolerance
≤25.4 -0.41~0.79 >127~152 -1.60~2.39
>25.4~76 -0.79~1.19 >178~254 -1.98~3.18
>76~127 -1.19~1.60 >254~305 -2.39~3.96

Others have not specified size, pls contact our?experienced sales team.

D2 Tool steel?Processing

D2 Tool Steel round bar and flat sections can be cut to your required sizes. D2 tool steel ground steel bar can also be supplied, providing a high quality tool steel precision ground tool steel bar to your required tolerances. D2 Tool Steel is also available as Ground Flat Stock / Gauge Plate, in standard and nonstandard sizes.

Contact our experienced sales team to help you with your D2 tool steel questions by email or telphone. ?The questions will be reply in 24 hours.

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