aisi astm h13 steel round bar and plate

AISI H13 tool steel metal?china supplier and?stockholders. OTAI Special steel is hot work alloy AISI H13 tool steel china supplier of in round bar, plate, flat bar, sheet, square and block. SAE AISI?H13 steel?equivalent with JIS SKD61, GB 4Cr5MoSiV1 and DIN 1.2344 Tool Steel. AISI H13 steel consists of ?chromium, ? molybdenum and vanadium and is known for its high hardenability and great toughness.

The molybdenum and vanadium act as strengthening agents while the chromium content helps the AISI H-13 tool steel to withstand softening when used at high temperatures. It also combines shock and abrasion resistance,?has good red hardness, ?can resist rapid cooling and withstand premature heat checking. The H13 tool steel has good machinability, good weldability and good ductility and it can be formed by conventional means. ? So H13 steel?applications is very range in hot forged mold, hot work tool.

AISI H13 tool steel is characterized by:

  1. High level of toughness and ductility
  2. Good resistance to abrasion at both low and high temperatures
  3. Good high-temperature strength
  4. High through-hardening properties
  5. Very limited distortion during hardening
  6. Good resistance to thermal fatigue

Related Specifications ASTM A681-1999 ? ?H13 Tool Steel data files Down

1. AISI H13 tool steel Chemical composition

C(%) 0.32~0.45 Si(%) 0.80~1.20 Mn(%) 0.20~0.50
P(%) ≤0.030 S(%) ≤0.030 Cr(%) 4.75~5.50
Mo(%) 1.10~1.75 V(%) 0.80~1.20 ? ?

2. AISI H13 tool steel?Form of Supply

we can supply the?round bar, flat bar, plate and square block.?round bar?can be sawn to your required lengths as one offs or multiple cut pieces. Steel plate and sheet rectangular pieces can be sawn from flat bar ,sheet or plate to your specific sizes. Ground tool steel bar can be supplied, providing a quality precision finished bar to tight tolerances.

Surface Finish:?Black, Rough Machined, Turned or as per given requirements.

3. Applications of AISI H13 Tool Steel

H-13 Tool Steel is used in hot forging dies, hot forging die inserts, hot gripper dies, hot nut tools, hot header dies, brass forging and pressing dies, hot forging aluminum base dies, aluminum casting and extrusion dies, zinc die casting dies, extrusion mandrels, plastic molds, cores, die holder blocks, hot press dies, hot work punches, etc.

4. AISI H13 Steel Forging

For forging H13 tool steel, first?slowly Preheat to 750°C(1382°F), soak enough time, then?rapidly heat to 1050-1100 °C(1922-2030°F). then start forging, ensure the forging?temperature higher than 850°C(1562°F). ?Cool H13 tool steel must be slowly after H13 steel forging finished.

5.?Annealing of Tool Steel H13

Heat to 840-860°C(1544-1580°F), Soak thoroughly before furnace cool at a maximum rate of 20°C(68°F)?/?hour, Cool down to 600°C (1112°F). Then cool in air.

6. Stress Relieving

Befor make products, The Tool steel stress relieving is very necessary. ?When?H13 tool steel is?ground ,?heavily machined, cutting,milled , the relief of internal strains is necessary?before hardening to minimise the possibility of distortion.?for?stress relieving, heat the H13 steel component to 700°C(1292°F)?carefully, Get ?enough soaking period . Then cool in the furnace or cool in air.

7. Hardening

first should preheat the H13 tool steel parts to?780-820°C(1436-1508°F), Soak enough time, ensure soak thoroughly. then rapidly heat to 1000-1030°C(1832-1886°F), soak about 30 mins. cool in air or oil.

8. Tempering

Heat the H13 tool steel parts to tempering?temperature, soak enough time until to?Soak thoroughly. ?The usual tempering temperature range is 400-650°C(752-1202°F), It depend on the tools hardness require?and the operating temperature. ?H13 tempering data for your reference as below:

Temperature [°C] 400 500 550 600 650
Hardness [HRc] 54 56 54 49 47

9. Nitriding of?H13 tool steel

On some special tool require, ?the?higher hardness is required. ?Nitriding the?H13 steel can get a hard surface case. after Nitriding , the H13 hot work tool steel will ?have a?resistant to wear and erosion surface. Typical Nitriding data for your reference as below:

Temperature Time Approx. Depth of Case
525°C 10 hours 0.125mm
525°C 20 hours 0.180mm
525°C 40 hours 0.250mm
525°C 60 hours 0.300mm


10. Heat Treatment of Tool Steel H13

H13 heat treatment, including heat treat temperature, rate of heating, cooling and soaking times. they depend on the h13 tool steel parts size and shape and your local?Climatic conditions. So if can, ?we advise you?contact?your heat treatment provider get full guidance on heat treatment.

11. Final Grinding of?H13 Tool Steel

For get bright surface and?precise dimension, ?If?dry grinding,?use a very soft wheel grinding is better.

12. Regular size and Tolerance of H13 tool steel

1) Hot Rolled round bar
Diameter Tolerance
Diameter Tolerance
6.4~15.8 -0.038 ~0.038 181~<206.2 0~1.6
15.8~<77.6 0~0.10 206.2~<257 0~2.4
77.6~<103 0~0.15 257~<307.7 0~3.2
103~<181 0~0.78 ≥307.7 0~4.7
? ? ? ?
2) Hot Rolled steel plate
Thickness Tolerance
Thickness Tolerance
≤25.4 -0.41~0.79 >127~152 -1.60~2.39
>25.4~76 -0.79~1.19 >178~254 -1.98~3.18
>76~127 -1.19~1.60 >254~305 -2.39~3.96

Others have not specified size, pls contact our?experienced sales team.

13. AISI H13 tool steel?Stock

14. Processing of AISI H13 tool steel

Steel round bar and flat sections can be cut to your required sizes. H13 steel ground bar can also be supplied, providing a high quality tool steel precision ground tool steel bar to your required tolerances. H13 is also available as Ground Flat Stock / Gauge Plate, in standard and nonstandard sizes.

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