Plastic Mould Steel

P-type or ‘plastic mould steel’ are classified with the prefix ‘P’ and are designed to be suitable for plastic injection moulding dies and zinc die casting.

Our plastic mould steels are highly corrosion-resistant and used to process plastic moulds, which can contain chemically aggressive or abrasive fillers.

Plastic Mould Steel in the Dongguan Otai Special Steel warehouse

P20 Tool?Steel

P20 Tool?Steel is Pre hardened to approximately 300 B.H (65 t.s.i), Plastic mould steel

1.2312 Mould Steel in the Dongguan Otai Warehouse

1.2312 Tool?Steel

1.2312 is a pre-hardened cold work steel and plastic mould steel.


Din 1.2311 tool Steel is a?plastic?mould?steel, 1.2311?steel belong to the high quality medium carbon,Pre-hardness(28~34HRc), Cold work plastic mould steel. It no need further heat treatment. so you don’t have any?worry about distortion or cracking.

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