SKT4 tool steel-JIS G4404

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JIS SKT4 is a hot work tool steel grade with widely application. SKT4 is similar to L6 hot work tool steel, no matter in properties or in applications. the cost and price for both SKT4 and L6 steels only have a little different.

  1. Hot work JIS SKT4 tool steel grade in standard JIS G4404

In JIS G4404 include the SKT4 hot work tool steel, SKD6, SKD61 steel, It is standard specification of hot work tool steels for hot work tool, mould, die application, such as hot rolling or hot forging steels or cold drawn steel grade.

  1. Hot work JIS SKT4 tool steel Supply Range

SKT4 steel have good hot hardness, usual use to hot work tool and die mold. The SKT4 steel materials delivery condition as per different customer requirements, usual delivery condition as Annealing soft. Otai special steel?is?professional JIS SKT4 tool steel supplier, stocker and manufacturer. We provide SKT4?steel square bar, SKT4 round steel bar and SKT4 steel flat,SKT4 steel plate Size range as below:

  • JIS SKT4 Steel Round Bar: 8mm-800mm
  • JIS SKT4 Steel Cold Drawn Bar: 5mm-70mm
  • JIS SKT4 Steel Plate: 10-1500mm x 200-1300mm ?X Length


  1. Hot work JIS SKT4 tool steel equivalents steel grade?

SKT4 is an high alloy Chrome Molybdenum hot work tool steel. JIS SKT4 steel standards and steel grades equivalent as?below:

  • BS 4659, BH224/5
  • GB 1299,5CrNiMo
  • ASTM A29, L6
  • DIN 55NiCrMoV6
  • W-Nr 1.2713
  1. Hot work SKT4 tool steel Properties

Steel material SKT4 Chemical Composition

Grade Number Standard C Si Mn P S Cr V Mo
SKT4 JIS G4404 0.50~0.60 0.10~0.40 0.15-0.35 0.030 Max 0.20 Max 0.80~1.20 0.05~0.15 0.35~0.55

JIS SKT4 Steel Mechanical Properties
Tensile?Strength?(MPa) (@20°C/68°F):?≥1200 ;

Yield Strength?(MPa) (@20°C/68°F):?≥1000 ;

Elongation Ration?(%)(@20°C/68°F):?≥14 ;

Modulus of elasticity (@20°C/68°F): 215GPa

  1. Heat Treatment JIS SKT4 Steel?

SKT4 steel material heat treatment including the heating rate, soaking times,?cool, these such as the different shape and size of each SKT4?steel component. Preheat to 780-820°C, keep enough time, then increase rapidly to ?hardening temperature 1000-1030°C, Annealing :?840-860°C, soak well. Cool in the furnace.

  1. Application of JIS SKT4 Hot work tool steel Materials

SKT4 steel is used to hot forging die, aluminium forge die etc.
hot work SKT4 tool steel application is very widely. It is a quality hot work mold steel material.

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